Sunday, August 25, 2013

The next steps

This post will not be as long, I promise. Just want to give a brief outline of the next few steps we have to take.

Step 1: Sign our contract. We are hoping to do that in October. We have to save the contract fee first, which we are working on. We are having a yard sale fundraiser September 6/7 to go toward that cost.

Step 2: Once contract is signed, attend 2 day adoption workshop which will outline the entire adoption process, give us an overview of the homestudy process, answer all questions, address concerns, etc.

Step 3: Start and complete homestudy. This can take up to approximately 3 months. We are most anxious about this step. We have to have an approved homestudy before any birthmothers can choose us; before we can even have a profile with the agency.

Step 4: Once homestudy is approved, profile goes live on adoption agencies website. We get a 1-800 number. Birthmothers can contact us, or the agency about us, and hopefully we will be matched sooner rather than later (the whole process from signing the contract to finalizing an adoption can take anywhere from about 15-36 months on average).

Step 5: Birthmother chooses us and we bring baby home. Hey, whether this takes a year or three we will be parents at the end.

So, of course there is a lot more to this. Many more steps. Risks and complications. Disappointments and waiting. But if there is one thing my infertility and losses have taught me, it's that I can handle those things and come out stronger. And Dan and I can do it all together.

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