Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank you Missy Briscoe and Fran Meadows!

I had an exceptionally emotional few days last week. Going through infertility and the adoption process will do that, I guess. I got home from work one day at the end of the week to find a manila envelope waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Just the pick me up I needed. I excitedly opened it and took out The Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Drop Pendant, deisgned by Missy Briscoe ( I won it in a Hope and Fertility jewelry give away sponsored by Fran Meadows, author and infertility advocate. You can visit her website and blog at

I had actually been searching for a special piece of jewelry for a long time. I contacted a couple custom jewelry makers and scoured the Internet, but just never found something that I connected with. This necklace represents exactly what I had been looking for. From the detail of the cherry blossom tree, to the what the garnets and moonstones represent, and the message of hope on the front and back. Thank you Missy Briscoe and Fran Meadows!


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