Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Infertility isn't ha-ha funny

I chose the title for my blog because sometimes I just have to laugh. It's not a ha-ha funny. It's more of an "I can't believe this is happening to ME" kind of funny. It's an "I can't believe this situation" kind of funny. It's an "If I don't laugh, I'll cry" kind of funny.

I chose the title because if I think back far enough, there were signs of my infertility long before I knew to look for those signs, and long before we started "trying" to have children. It's funny that we spent so much time being careful to not get pregnant because there were so many other priorities, and now that we're ready, its not happening.

I chose the title because its funny that what seems so easy for everyone else, is so the opposite of easy for us.

Sometimes I feel like if I don't find something about my infertility to laugh at, I will just cry and believe me, I have done my share of that.

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