Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Beginning the adoption process gave me hope that we would be parents. I didn't know how long it would take, but after 6 years of battling through IF and overcoming 6 miscarriages, I knew that I could wait as long as it would take. Would it be 6 months? Would it be another 6 years? It didn't really matter because I finally had hope, and I knew that it would be eventually. There is that word again; eventually. That is the word that kept popping in my mind on a regular basis from the first time Dan said to me that we should look into adoption. Beginning at that moment, I knew, eventually we would be parents. I ordered this necklace to wear as a reminder, especially on those exceptionally hard days, that eventually it would happen. The "h" is for our last name, and you can see the baby feet with that word that kept popping in my mind; eventually. And wouldn't you know it, eventually came sooner for us than we expected. Our homestudy was approved at the beginning of June 2014, we were contacted by our daughter's beautiful birth mother at the beginning of July 2014, and brought our daughter home (that little baby "h" who was represented by two tiny footprints and the word eventually) in November 2014. Sometimes I still wear that necklace as a reminder that eventually the best things really do come to those who wait. So whatever gives you all hope and encouragement, whether it is a word, a piece of jewelry, blogging, your support system, please hold onto it. Share it with me, what gives you hope? 


  1. Oh, I love this. Brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful reminder that hope can come to fruition, eventually. I have my picture books that I collect, and my blog to help process everything. I find hope in every stage of the adoption process that brings us closer to our baby! Your necklace is gorgeous. And I love your inspirational!

  2. ha! our stories are so similar.
    you can skip the top part of this post but the middle talks of an ornament I bought with the word hope on it. Really happy that you are with your little one now.

  3. My faith gives me hope. Hope that each day I can begin again. I can smile and I can encourage others and I can strive to do better.